Meet Stewart Ogilvie

Community! Family! Ogilvie!

Stewart Ogilvie

Democratic Candidate

Dekalb County Board District 4

Who am I?

Stewart was born in Indiana and his family moved to DeKalb/Sycamore area in the mid 50’s. He was educated at the NIU Lab School and is a graduate of DeKalb High School. He holds an AS Degree in Biology from Kishwaukee College and graduated from NIU with a BA in Theatre/Communications and Secondary Education. He has worked in the Theatre and has taught Theatre for many years. He returned to the area and has been a resident of Sycamore since 1998. He currently works as a Teaching Assistant working with Special Needs Children at Huntley Middle School in DeKalb and teaches Speech every summer at DeKalb High School.

Stewart Ogilvie

Candidate for Dekalb County Board District 4 


Stewart is a firm believer in giving back to the community and figures after all the area has done for him and his family it is time for him to give back and act on those beliefs by listening to the people in the district and addressing/helping with their concerns.

  • He believes in vibrant education programs for all grade levels.
  • He would like to bring and expand family friendly activities to the communities.
  • He is a firm advocate of Forest Preserves and the outdoor activities that they provide opportunities for.
  • He would like to attract new businesses to the area to expand the current tax base and reducing them for the households.
  • He is a strong union supporter.

Phone: 779-222-6261

Support My Campaign for the 4th District.
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Citizens for Ogilvie
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