Amber Quitno

About Amber

Democratic Candidate

Dekalb County Board District 3

Who am I?

What I stand for:  Family.  Science.  Logic.  Reason.  Equitable Justice.  Liberty.  Freedom.  Education.  Bodily Autonomy.

I am a lifelong resident of Sycamore.  My roots here run deep and trace back to 1883 (Earl J. London).  I feel a strong sense of loyalty and commitment to this community.

I obtained my Master’s Degree in Regulatory Affairs from Northeastern University and established a successful Staffing & Consulting Agency for the Life Science Industry in 2014.  In 2019, I lead the company to an exciting merger with a larger Regulatory and Compliance firm, and we now have multiple locations around the nation. 

I am trained, experienced, and skilled in Regulatory Compliance and Human Resources. Regulatory Compliance professionals ensure that FDA regulations are followed for the creation of life-saving drugs, biologics, and medical devices.  This work requires a deep understanding of clinical indications, legal procedures and interpretation, technical communications, and critical thinking skills.  I believe in science & the Scientific Method, Reason, and  Logic. These skills will be key assets as a County Board Member if I’m elected. 

I am also the proud mother of 5 children who are my heart and soul. I can think of no other community I would have rather raised my children in.

Amber Quitno

Candidate for Dekalb County Board District 3


I.)   Job Creation and Economy

  • Quitno will focus energy and resources on revenue creation.
  • Quitno will actively source, recruit, and invest in more diverse business models to generate tax revenue and bring better paying jobs.

II.)  Social Issues

  • Quitno supports fair Justice for ALL citizens regardless of color, income level, or connections.
  • Quitno believes all human beings should have bodily autonomy over their own bodies without interference from government.

III.) Accountability and Transparency

  • Quitno will demand the highest level of transparency and accountability from our elected and appointed government officials instead of the minimum requirements. We are not a community of minimum standards.
  • Quitno will work to restore public trust in our elected and appointed officials through the creation of policies that ensure the highest standards of ethics and community standards. 

III.) Community Safety

  • Quitno has been active in the fight for clean and safe drinking water for Sycamore and demanded action from the EPA and local officials when independent testing showed dangerous levels of lead leeching into our water.
  •   Quitno will work to focus resources on catching & detaining child predators and violent criminals to ensure the safety of our community.