About | Dekalb County IL Democrats

About DeKalb County's Democratic Party

We are your neighbors, your coworkers, your friends and family. We will continue to fight to protect the interests of working families and guarantee personal liberties for all. While we believe that it is not the solution to every problem, a Government for the people by the people can help build a strong community where the interests of private individuals are protected while fostering an environment  for businesses to grow.

We support:

• Programs and policies creating living wage jobs and sustainable economic development

• Equal pay for equal work with safe, decent working conditions.

• Affordable healthcare for all citizens of our country.

• The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

• Programs and policies that allow all citizens decent, affordable housing.

• Equal rights for all people including the right to marry.

• Responsible budgeting thru a mix of increased revenue and cost reduction

• Quality public education access for all students

• Programs and policies that promote sustainability in energy, food, agriculture, transportation and infrastructure.

• Fair elections without obstructions to voting

• The right of women to make their own healthcare decisions without government interference.

• Reserving human and political rights for real human beings, not corporations

• Keeping Social Security sustainable for all future Americans

• Actions which encourage bringing back jobs from overseas and consumption of locally produced products.